About us

made may 2Cornish Shark Fishing is operated by skipper David Turner, an angler & fisherman of many years experience in the waters around Falmouth. One of only a handful of anglers to have caught the Mighty Mako in UK waters and one of even fewer to have encountered blue, porbeagle, mako & thresher shark in UK waters. An ex commercial fisherman, he holds a commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Coastal certificate.

Our boat, the Madeline May, is a custom built 35’ Procharter Offshore 105, Cat3 coded to operate up to 20 miles from any port by day or night. Trips are typically 09.00 – 17.00 but we are flexible and if you want to leave earlier and/or come back later, no problem and usually no extra cost.

Shark fishing is our speciality and all four of the large UK species are found off Falmouth, we know the best times, the best places and the best tides to maximize your chances of encountering one of these apex predators.